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Free Comic Book Printing Day 2

Jeffries Printing been printing the best in Australian comics since 2008 and in 2016 we’re going to do something new to help Australian comic creators get their books into print.


On Wednesday 26th October 2016 we’re holding our second Free Comic Book Printing Day.


And that’s just what it sounds like – we will print 25 copies of your book and ship them to you anywhere in Australia for free.


The books can be in colour or black and white and anywhere from four to forty eight pages plus cover. They can be A5, US Standard Comic (170x260) or A4 or any size in between.


We’ll be saddle stitching all the book portrait format and using 170gsm Silk Art for the covers and 113gsm Silk Art for the internals.


We’re not assessing the books so they can be about anything you want and to any standard – if you’re an experienced hand wanting to top up a back issue, great. If you’re a first-timer and want to see how your stuff looks in print – even better. The only limits to the content are listed in the Ts&Cs below.


There are a couple of restrictions – we’re going to limit the day to only 32 print runs, because that’s about what we can do in one standard shift and because we have to put some kind of lid on how many we do.


And you can only submit one book per creative team or publisher.


How do you submit your books?


At 10am on Wednesday 19th October we’re going to put up a page here on our website where you can submit your artwork and details

The first 32 people will get the their books printed free – and if more than 32 people submit we’ll let you know if you made it or not on Thursday 20th October via email.

If you have any questions, ask them over on our FaceBook page here.

Terms and Conditions


  • We will print 25 copies of your comic and ship it to you anywhere in Australia for free via Australia Post.

  • This offer is limited to the first 32 people to claim a spot.

  • Each person/creative team can only submit one (1) comic for printing.

  • Your comic can be any size from between A5 and A4 including US comic size.

  • Your comic can be full colour, black and white or a mixture.

  • The cover will be printed on 170gsm silk art, and the text will be printed on 113gsm silk art.

  • Your comic will be saddle stitched in portrait format.

  • Your comic can be anywhere from four (4) pages plus cover to forty eight (48) pages plus cover, but the pages must be in multiples of four (4).

  • All entries must be submitted on the entry page at on or after Wednesday 19th October 2016. You will receive an email from us confirming your spot, or letting you know if you didn’t make the cut.

  • Files must be presented in press quality PDF format as single pages. The cover can be sent as a spread, but the internals must be single pages. Your file must have 5mm bleed on all edges and trim marks so we know where to cut the books.

  • There are no restrictions on the content of your book, although we will not print anything which could get us sued or in any kind of trouble with the law.

  • It will take us 2-3 days to print and dispatch the books and Australia Post about a week to get them to you.                                            

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